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“In my long experience of historical battlefields, few spots have the haunting appeal of the farm complex of Hougoumont on the field of Waterloo. In seeking to preserve this iconic spot we do not simply remember the British troops who held it.  We also applaud the courage of the German infantry who fought for the wood in front of it, of the brave Frenchmen who came so close to taking it and turning the fortune of the day, and of the cavalry whose charges swirled up and down the slopes within sight of its ancient walls, now in such acute peril. This is not a question of national pride or regimental commemoration.  It is about saving a fundamental piece of world history, and we simply must not fail.”

The Late Professor Richard Holmes, CBE TD
Chairman, Project Hougoumont

Project Hougoumont is a heritage project to save and preserve Hougoumont Farm on the Waterloo battlefield for the long-term future. The Waterloo Collection is a series of stunning art, capturing this epic battle in double moments of time. Each scene is depicted from two perspectives, giving the viewer the unique experience of seeing the same action from both sides. Why not become part of this wonderful artistic adventure. High quality prints are available in various formats and sizes, right up to exact replicas of the originals on canvas, with 25% of all proceeds from the sales of prints only* donated to Project Hougoumont.

Why not join us on Facebook for regular updates on this superb collection of Waterloo art, as well as the latest news from Project Hougoumont. You could even make your own suggestions for the moments of the battle which you'd like to see captured on canvas!

* The commissioning and sale of the original artwork does not yield any donation to Project Hougoumont and is a strictly private and commerical arrangement.